Polar opposites is the best way to describe Kanya and Amirah when it came to most things, including jewellery and fashion. One is currently studying Economics and the other English Literature. One prefers gold and the other silver. One prefers razorblades and the other butterflies. One prefers pearls and the other heavy chains. So, for two best friends of almost 10 years, notorious for their procrastination, to create a small business that they were wholeheartedly proud of is a magical thing. Where you can see notes of Amirah and notes of Kanya and the harmonies of both combine to create pieces like White Ferrari.

Elewa was never supposed to be something big enough to have its own website. It started as an idea Amirah had to make and sell drip chains to our high school friends and grew into something unexpected. Once both founders realised that there was a market for good quality, modern jewellery in South Africa they jumped on it with an eager tenacity only two University students with too much free time during a pandemic could. With goals of affordability and fashion in mind accompanied by the meticulous care and affection that can only be achieved through a handmade craft. Elewa was created with the youth in mind and birthed to help express and accentuate the fast-paced growth of the South African fashion industry.

Meet The Crew


Bimpe Ojetimi

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Model & Photographer, 20


Tinuola Ojetimi

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Model & Photographer, 19


Kamea H. Ballian

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Model, 20